Make humanity free and optimize the pursuit of happiness

We call the new economy created by advanced technology "Tech Economy". axion is a community that predicts and examines what Tech Economy is going to bring.

Make humanity free and optimize the pursuit of happiness


Welcome to Tech Economy

We call the new economy created by advanced technology "Tech Economy". axion is a community that predicts and examines what Tech Economy is going to bring. You can also call it “Connected Economy” by seeing the fact that everyone is able to access computing powers through network connection. Tech economy has greatly betrayed the economic principles so far. The constraints of the old economy are removed, and we are searching for a new ecosystem that is free from prejudice. Things that have been moving separately all the time are connected into one in the networks, thereby acquiring possibilities of using variety of computing.

This environment empowers humans strongly. The accessibility to knowledge and technology dramatically improves, and the cost of acquiring and utilizing it dramatically lowers, so we get the opportunity to do a new approach to everything.

Many of phenomena that human beings has believed until the 20th century will be reconsidered. Man knows only one way to reach out intelligence, but There are different ways of generating different knowledge, perhaps there may be other methods of using it.

The economy will also change its appearance. I do not know how long capitalism will last, but the end is approaching day by day. Private ownership might be partly abandoned in near future.

Resources existing in the world should be used in more flexible way, not owned to idle. The production cost of Manufactured goods will decrease drastically with the power of the machine. "Value" is merely an illusion created by human beings, but how does the religion evaluate the shape of the new economy?

We has brainwashed ourselves that labor is the meaning of living since the Industrial Revolution, but we are about to leave the idea behind. We have been making machinery to move by ourselves, but we are going to live with machines that will autonomously get things done.

It is necessary to depart from the idea of possessing and control things. The idea of "possession" is a great obstacle in the next economic society and it is only accepted in limited circumstances.

We have tried to understand economy with the best approach at that time and to build it in an ideal form. What kind of world is waiting for advanced technology to change economy at overwhelming speed? Are not you excited? You will evolve toward there.

Chaos, Unpredictable

1024px-Chaos Theory & Double Pendulum - 1

by Kevin Dooley

The evolution of computing has given great progress opportunities to every area. We have not prepared society too much. The linear era of the 20th century is over, and we are in a nonlinear and confusing world. The evolution of technology that spans multiple areas is hyperconnected and the results brought about are extremely unpredictable.

The event that the machine learning program wins human in Go game, unexpectedly propagates to medical and space development, nuclear fusion power generation, genetic engineering, industry robot, agriculture, weather forecast, space development, etc. We are living in such age.

Apple produced the convergence of Internet and phone exploiting the lessons made by smartphone pioneers. Smartphone made it natural that not only people in rich countries but also people in developing countries use computers always connected to the network.

Such changes should now occur over a wider range at higher frequency. How to measure the degree of change? It depends on the subjectivity of the crowd. However, the curve which is different from the monotonous curve the CPU performance improvement draws, or the unpredictable point which jumped out from the normal distribution, will continuously bring about major changes in a form that overwhelm our understanding.

But society are not ready too much. The crazy president rampage in the United States and the extreme right party emerges in Europe. Dangerous nationalism and anti-intellectualism have penetrated among people in Japan. Can such a world make good use of such overwhelming change? If we do not eliminate the gap between society and technology, the potential to release humankind from all constraints will drown in populism. What can we do with this stupid human?

What if there is a tool that gives people a tremendous educational efficiency to encourage people to shift from a stereotyped idea to a more pure knowledge system and to raise human society to several levels higher? axion was born as its tool. Let's build a technique to evolve into the next human being.

Humanity evolves significantly


Via "2001 space odyssey"

There are several options for the evolution of humankind. One is expansion of human’s capacity with machine. Machine intelligence does not imitate humans, nor it is hostile to the people. Machine intelligence is expected to extend our capabilities, and sophisticate society, or collective intelligence. This is so-called Extended Intelligence.

It is necessary to think about our collective intelligence and the machines that strengthen society. It is the idea of so-called Extended Intelligence. Machine intelligence makes it easy for us to solve problems. Machine sometime replace our work comprehensively and machine sometime support our work partly in some areas. Machine intelligence specialized in various problems in this world show progress in this several years, but development of general-purpose algorithms to meet various demands is aimed at as a final goal.

Human beings will live with autonomous robots. Robots will be able to do a variety of jobs.
For example self driving vehicle will allow us to tackle more productive things in stead of driving. Development of general-purpose robots that achieve various requirements is a major goal for the scientists.

Next is a biological improvement of humans. Genetic engineering has discovered a huge possibility to alter human biologically ; genome editing. Along with the great potential there is a big ethical challenge involved. Genetic technology is changing how to make a child and changing what kind of children parents will have.

The other is to expand its activities to space. There will be a group of adventurers living on Mars during this century. Pioneers may adapt to "foreign" environments using cyborg technology and biotechnology.

The earth can be a dangerous place for mankind, due to climate change, the danger of collision of asteroids, infectious diseases, population growth. Evolution of technology makes it easier to improve and destroy the environment. The economic model we widely adopt - capitalism - is a mechanism that can encourage destruction of the environment. If human do not immigrate to another planet, there will be scenarios where human race is forced to destroy in the earth.

Private companies can launch rockets and withdraw them, now. The cost of space exploration has declined and Rockets launching is getting economic rationality. Perhaps exploration of other solar systems will be possible in the future.

The beginning of the universe is said to be the time when the Big Bang occurred, but what existed before the Big Bang? If there were nothing there, how did the universe come into existence?

Is there advanced civilization other than us in this universe? It is said that creatures on the earth were naturally born by chemical reaction. If so, it's no wonder that the same thing happens with other stars. Exploration about the origin of living things is accelerated with extraterrestrial expansion. The presence or absence of aliens is a question surrounding the future of human beings.

Why axion?

dark matter by ogunhe-d767qa7

by ogunhe

Axion (axion) is an undiscovered particle whose existence is predicted. It is considered to have a slight mass, and candidate for dark matter. We haven’t understood the dark matter which accounts for 25% of the universe.

Most of the substances that cause gravity leading to the structure formation of the universe are not ordinary elements such as hydrogen, oxygen and carbon we know well. The presence of dark matter is not derived from special observations or theory but is commonly explained from various observation results. Regular substances are only about 5 percent of the entire universe. It is thought that dark matter is asleep five to six times. The rest is an unidentified one called dark energy. Regular substances are only about 5% of the entire universe and dark matter occupied 5 to 6 times of it. The rest is an unidentified one called “dark energy”.

Dark matter “must exist to explain the observation results obtained”. It is divided into "hot dark matter" and "cold dark matter" based on the degree of particles velocity dispersion. As a result of simulating the formation of the large scale structure of the universe, cold dark matter is considered promising. axion is one of the cold dark matter, along with Neutralino and others.

Approaching to the future is similar to exploring dark matter. Humans have not known most of the things yet, but eventually they will know and faced with unknown things. Assuming something like axion and "exploring" is our attitude and the basic way of thinking about the value of information. We will easily guide our thought into a boring framework. If you can put yourself outside the framework through thinking insanely, you can be flexible and ready to produce new things.

The prejudice has been overturned that human beings believe. People can not judge fake news on social media. Do not be influenced by crowd psychology. What we need is imagination, but its imagination is always bound by your thinking frame. We need to find a new way of thinking in the world that match everything being informed, but is different from the prediction somewhere. Let's explore things like axion.


1024px-Network visualisation incorporating sentiment analysis of the subreddit 'skeptic' from Reddit

by Wikimediacommons

Smartnode is a project that remarkably improves the information circulation of human to to human, improving human intelligence and decision-making quality. In the world shifting from "broadcast" which is the centralized information scattering by traditional mass media to the connection among  all the points, we aim to build robust nodes at network and build a high-quality information distribution and human information.

Distribution of information is defined by ambiguous words "medium (intermediary)", and it can not be denied that unreasonable and poetic discussion has been made for a long time.  It is very important for us to adopt modern approach, behavioral psychology and behavioral economics, etc. Also, it is vital to apply decision-making theory and focus on quantitative analytics at the same time, so that we can explain media consumption with more certain words.

Internet connection is becoming ubiquitous in rich countries, and further progress can be predicted in adopting 5G wireless network. In addition, communication between people is diversified with spread of smartphones.

Human to human information circulation is also seeking "distributed processing" like computer clusters carrying large scale systems. Quality of information deeply depends on the capabilities and ethics of Information producer in broadcast type information distribution. There is unfavorable incentive to arbitrage information and
dominate receiving side in broadcast. This is the history of 'media' as propaganda machine. This risk can be avoided through "distributed processing" of generating information and using it.

We assume that we can effectively evolve "society" which is an aggregate of the individuals, providing sophisticated information to individuals. Society understanding does not catch up speed of technology progress and its social implementation. I think that improving this bottleneck will free us from many constraints bothering us.

Smartnode project started that I had been scraping newspapers since I was a junior high school student. When I was a high school student I read several newspapers at library every day. Newspaper had a large amount of information for a child and need readers to have broad knowledge of political economy knowledge, so it was  a wonderful means of learning. However, as I continued to read the newspaper over the long term, experienced internships and work at the newspaper company, and knowledge in various fields got deeper, I have had big question on what newspaper is like.

The interests for some people may have priority over the interests of citizens. They may not deal with social problems with not intelligence, but emotion and prejudice. They might not be shameful on manipulating information from the history of monopolizing information distribution for a long time.

Although the world has changed tremendously, it seems that the means of information distribution between humans and humans has not changed usefully as it changes. As it is obvious in the fake news issue, there are also aspects where the effect of the bad part became grotesque due to advanced communication means. It is time to create smart nodes and bring people maximum freedom and pursuit of happiness.

Although the world has changed tremendously, it seems that the information distribution of humans to humans does not change meaningfully. As is apparent in the fake news issue, social media stimulates bad side of human collective psychology.(Nevertheless, it is better than the control crowd emerged during the World War Second). It is time to create Smartnode and give people maximum freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

Vision: Make humanity free and optimize the pursuit of happiness

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__Our vision is “Make humanity free and optimize the pursuit of happiness”__

Freedom had to be trade-off with other important factors, but I believe that we have reached the era where it is now possible to get freedom without any constraints.

For example, adopting a certain mindset consistently may bring about valuable solution sometimes, but it also impose you constraint at the same time. Since the Industrial Revolution, we have make ourselves believe that labor is meaning of live. However, now we can reduce the labor cost by utilizing the power of machines, and sometimes you can eliminate it entirely. We believed cost as "the meaning to live" unconsciously. Conventional mindset is no longer necessary, and rather, behaving on this will sometimes cause a problem.

In order to capture the change well, it is important not to have a mindset and to be flexible. Sometimes it is necessary to throw out the way of thinking we have created and create a new framework from scratch.

My background influences this vision.  I realized that freedom is not so easily available, for five years I worked as a newspaper reporter in Indonesia. If you were born in a low-income family, there will be no opportunity for higher education unless a miracle happens, selections of occupation are limited heavily. There are not so many options of other life events for them as well. Nevertheless people who accept constraints and living lives robustly,  looks happier than Japanese people.

I could not fit Japanese common sense, after coming back to Japan for the first time in five years. I was able to see objectively a group of Japanese people who lost their freedom, dominated by organizations and authorities in crowded trains and office districts. I thought "why they are trying to make himself unhappy." It seemed to be a human being completely dominated by super-intelligence which appears in SF nove.

It is the idea of the 20th century to give up personal freedom for the sake of order. I was convinced that Japan has remained in the 20th century. People who received education prohibiting thinking. Control of national and authoritarian organizations are very strict in all areas in Japan . People who received education prohibiting thinking freely, seem to have no doubt about the hardships imposed on them. Honestly, it looks creepy.

However, we live the era when technology releases humans from constraints. Humans in the 21st century must be freed from various constraints. "Create something that overcomes the gap between technology and society, release human beings from constraints and help them to optimize the pursue of happiness". This is the universal value of the axion has.

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I improve human knowledge development and improve individual decision making, I am working with the aim of developing human aggregation. In this axion, in order to release human beings from the fundamental constraints, we intend to improve the economy and try to realize it by strengthening the intellect of the economic people involved in it. axion is the first step and we would like to extend the project to other areas.

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